Pushing forward

As Phinn and Jamey moved forward , a sense of urgency started to overtake ,first Jamey then Phinn .Phinney this is exciting but where are we headed”? “Well Jamey I think we will know when we know “, Jamey moved faster repeating “We will know when we know”. Breanna and Carra meanwhile were well rested and enjoying basking in the sun, “just another boring day “,Carra complained “please Carra enjoy today it’s like heaven”, Breanne encouraged. Phinn and Jamey had discovered rushing steams of the deepest green and were munching away and drinking pure, icy water and felt refreshed. The snow turtles decided on a slightly hidden path, because of the Gackles , they were now concerned with those violent creatures.”Well Jamey , what say we burrow into this moss and rest for a minute “? “Sounds great Phinn ” , Jamey agreed. So they burrowed and tucked , hiding in a cozy mossy hill./ Muse Corner/Oil rises from the earth/coaxed and drawn from murky depths/transforming to malice , and putrid /to a creature living , obscene / visions of war and recreation / over a substance worthy of extermination/ NAMASTE LMI

Twin flames,Breanna & Carra;

As Phinny and Jamey kept moving they were feeling an excitement growing,”look how much closer we are to the valley by the mountain Phinny”Jamey said happily.”I can’t believe it, those horrible creatures carried us much closer Jamey”,”why did they do it Phinny “? They wanted to hurt us”,”I don’t know Jamey I can’t imagine”. Unknown to the snow turtles, their one and only twin flames (mates) for life were waiting, for what they weren’t sure but they were sensing something, at least Breanna was. Breanna and Carra were fire turtles, so lovely with their jeweled shells, lit with iridescent colors from their diet of rainbow grasses and the delicious fruits that fell at certain times (just for them they thought).Breanna was beautiful, and bossy, while Carra was all sweetness and light, she had a special glow. The lady fire turtles were munching at the edge of a turquoise pond floating, quietly . “Let’s sleep in the cool mud tonight Carra”, Breanna suggested ,”Hmmm ok brea”, Carra agreed while chasing a school of purple darnell fish.”Nothing exciting ever happens “, Carra complained, “well I have the strangest feeling something will happen, something important”, Breanna said with satisfaction. MUSE CORNER/For my old friend Julene  / I would have loved her in the ground, with a barrow of beryl above the earth , instead in cinders she wanders alone, flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone./Death is a barbarian, a thief who steals away sunlight and shadows, the sum of a life./ She left me in the dying months when winter throws her weight, she came and went so suddenly, I barely heard the gate. LMI NAMASTE


The gackles  flew wildly with the turtles in tow , cackling and screeching “we will break them on the stones for the master”. Happily for Phinny and Jameson , the sweet dew that had dripped on them while they slept made them a bit slippery, so as they sailed over a valley of thorny bushes the gackles lost their grip on Jamey first , then Phinney. They found themselves falling , as they fell Phinney screamed “tuck Jamey tuck”! Landing in the thorny bushes which were soft , and soon delicious, they were a little dazed “are you ok Phinny “?   Phinny had bounced a little but said “yes I believe I  am, how about you Jamey”? Jamey looked over his shell “not a scratch Phinny”. The gackles were above trying to find them , but they were well hidden by the purple and white thornbushes so the gackles couldn’t see them and gave up trying. “I think were safe now Jamey,but I’m hungry ” Phinny complained while trying a bite of the soft thorns on the bush, “mmm Jamey these are delicious ,try one”.Soon the boys were full and refreshed and ready to travel again./ Muse corner/Pride is the catalyst to a lifetime of regret./ Namaste LMI

Snow turtles and Gackles

Part 4/ A gentle mist like rain, warm, and soft, fell upon the sleeping shells of Phinny and Jamey, slowly waking them. “Untuck Jamey”, Phinney whispered,”what is this coming down”? Jamey wondered ,”I can’t imagine Jamey”, “its warm and tastes sweet Phinney , taste it”, Jamey insisted Phinney stuck out his tongue and inhaled,”my it is sweet, sweeter than ripe snow berries”, Phinney exclaimed. “Well we best get up and keep moving Jamey”. So the snow turtles pushed through the strange and mystical valley, experiencing and tasting new and wonderful things .Soon black and red birdlike creatures appeared large and circling above them cackling wildly, “Stop the snow turtles “, the gackles surprised and frightened Phinney and Jamey” TUCK” Phinney shouted. As they were tucking the Gackles swooped and snatched the beautiful snow turtles, and flew away with them,”drop them in the fields of stone”, they screeched excitedly. To be continued part 5 coming soon/ Muse corner / Illuminating moon, round as a ball and bright as a babies laugh. LMI Namaste

Catnip or Catmint uses

Catnip, although it has a pungent, unusual odor and taste, its medicinal  value should not be underestimated, it highly effective for a variety of ailments. As a tea it is useful for anxiety,insomnia, and colic , place or fill dried herb into a tea ball place in pan with 1 to 2 cups distilled water (always) bring to a boil , then shut off and seep for 10 minutes then drink for babies pour into a bottle or sippy cup w/1/4 to 1/2 tsp.molasses.If a fever is high or present in a child or adult a catnip enema will bring it down post haste .Since catnip is known to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites it should be useful as a tincture which is a form I prefer , I really love tinctures they are so easy to prepare you can take any clean jelly or jam jar fill 3/4 with any dried herb or combination of herbs cover with 80 proof or better alcohol any kind, I prefer brandy, but have used vodka,  and or everclear .Then you will place in cupboard out of light,turn upside down 1x a day for 7 to 10 days and viola strain and place in clean tincture bottles which can be purchased at your local health food store. Hope this is helpful to my readers and as always Namaste/Muse corner /When a woman closes her heart to a man, Wild stallions cannot restore it ,It builds a wall of steel so high, no seeker will ever scale it . When a woman gives her heart to a man,No force on earth can steal it ,When fed with truth and tenderness no other can deceive it./             LMI

Papers please continued ;

Problems in paradise , CDA Idaho / My good friend whom I wrote about in your papers please, has been experiencing harassment by same local law enforcement first an instant uptake of squad cars ,then on 2/13/16 he was unlocking his front door when they shined [lit up] his keyhole. He turned to see to see 5 squad cars , and an officer (Nazi) fully armed with an AR15 strapped across his chest one hand on the butt, the other on the barrel, approaching him at a brisk walk , officer demanded “have you been walking we heard a gunshot”. My friend responded “I am non-violent , and I do not own a gun, I have no weapon “, officer continued to be very aggressive , in the meantime a female officer with a k-9 dog came into yard and canine officer took a crap in the yard .”Really my friend exclaimed , are you going to pick that up”? Then said” never mind” I will get it, I like dogs”, he went in to get paper towel and plastic  but when he came back poop was gone and cops had returned to their cars . / This was the extent of contact but harassment none the less, what I hope to do is continue to document the situation in case he needs an assist in the future this is a disturbing show of force by law enforcement , totally unwarranted , and I’m asking my readers to send him your good thoughts and prayers this could happen to any of us, lets all be as brave as my good friend. / Thank you and Namaste /

Muse / corner / sometimes / what we think wasn’t what we needed / was

In a forlorn moment I thought my life a waste ,made my mistakes and the greatest of all was playing by the rule , just a game for a fool . People are always living to give advice , that smart folks never take . there is no wrong or right way , just the short or the long.       /   LMI       Fields of dragonflies , swam through my mind ,dancing all about me , a flash , a sugared moment in time , appearing at the pinnacles of dreams for me ,someone out there might know what I mean , all the days , all the miles ,they glow , like stars with flashing wings, and silvery bars , O heavens sweet aether  drips from their wings , as my spirit to her lover endeavors to sing.  /  LMI  namaste

Comfrey/Ginger/Peppermint /Poultice, for chickenpox

This poultice is to reduce the itching and scaring of chickenpox ,I found it extremely effective on my children, and look mom, no scars. / You will need some small, linen poultice bags, these can be found at most health food stores. Some peppermint leaf, comfrey leaf, and ginger powder. The amount is up to you as you will use more than one poultice, fill your bag with 50% comfrey,40%peppermint , and 10%ginger powder ,place in a 1 gallon of water and bring to a boil, shut off , seep for 20 minutes, and add to patients bath water. Voila it is cooling , healing, and reduces itching and scaring. Namaste