an oddity / The journey of phineas & Jameson

Some people have heard of snow turtles ,some have not . There are only 2 in the whole wide world.    /      Phineas and Jameson this is their story ,Phineas so beautiful, so perfectly vain , Jameson lovely and shy , as many turtles are. Together they lived high in the frosty mountain range where they were rarely seen . An icy, blue , mist never left the snowy caps of the frosty mountains. They dined on cedar, and crisp, red , winter berries giving them brilliant, fiery , red shells. After half a century of life on their quiet peak, the knowing came. Phineas and Jameson must descend to find their twin flames.  “Where shall we go”? Jameson asked ,Phineas squinted “there” he pointed to a valley far below. “It is where we will find what we are looking for Jameson”, said Phineas with confidence.                  Part 2 / coming soon  / The muse corner /False friends , like shadows , stay close in the sunshine , and leave us when we enter the shade.     Lisa m Irby    Back soon with the snow turtles