Pushing forward

As Phinn and Jamey moved forward , a sense of urgency started to overtake ,first Jamey then Phinn .Phinney this is exciting but where are we headed”? “Well Jamey I think we will know when we know “, Jamey moved faster repeating “We will know when we know”. Breanna and Carra meanwhile were well rested and enjoying basking in the sun, “just another boring day “,Carra complained “please Carra enjoy today it’s like heaven”, Breanne encouraged. Phinn and Jamey had discovered rushing steams of the deepest green and were munching away and drinking pure, icy water and felt refreshed. The snow turtles decided on a slightly hidden path, because of the Gackles , they were now concerned with those violent creatures.”Well Jamey , what say we burrow into this moss and rest for a minute “? “Sounds great Phinn ” , Jamey agreed. So they burrowed and tucked , hiding in a cozy mossy hill./ Muse Corner/Oil rises from the earth/coaxed and drawn from murky depths/transforming to malice , and putrid /to a creature living , obscene / visions of war and recreation / over a substance worthy of extermination/ NAMASTE LMI

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