Twin flames,Breanna & Carra;

As Phinny and Jamey kept moving they were feeling an excitement growing,”look how much closer we are to the valley by the mountain Phinny”Jamey said happily.”I can’t believe it, those horrible creatures carried us much closer Jamey”,”why did they do it Phinny “? They wanted to hurt us”,”I don’t know Jamey I can’t imagine”. Unknown to the snow turtles, their one and only twin flames (mates) for life were waiting, for what they weren’t sure but they were sensing something, at least Breanna was. Breanna and Carra were fire turtles, so lovely with their jeweled shells, lit with iridescent colors from their diet of rainbow grasses and the delicious fruits that fell at certain times (just for them they thought).Breanna was beautiful, and bossy, while Carra was all sweetness and light, she had a special glow. The lady fire turtles were munching at the edge of a turquoise pond floating, quietly . “Let’s sleep in the cool mud tonight Carra”, Breanna suggested ,”Hmmm ok brea”, Carra agreed while chasing a school of purple darnell fish.”Nothing exciting ever happens “, Carra complained, “well I have the strangest feeling something will happen, something important”, Breanna said with satisfaction. MUSE CORNER/For my old friend Julene  / I would have loved her in the ground, with a barrow of beryl above the earth , instead in cinders she wanders alone, flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone./Death is a barbarian, a thief who steals away sunlight and shadows, the sum of a life./ She left me in the dying months when winter throws her weight, she came and went so suddenly, I barely heard the gate. LMI NAMASTE

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