The gackles  flew wildly with the turtles in tow , cackling and screeching “we will break them on the stones for the master”. Happily for Phinny and Jameson , the sweet dew that had dripped on them while they slept made them a bit slippery, so as they sailed over a valley of thorny bushes the gackles lost their grip on Jamey first , then Phinney. They found themselves falling , as they fell Phinney screamed “tuck Jamey tuck”! Landing in the thorny bushes which were soft , and soon delicious, they were a little dazed “are you ok Phinny “?   Phinny had bounced a little but said “yes I believe I  am, how about you Jamey”? Jamey looked over his shell “not a scratch Phinny”. The gackles were above trying to find them , but they were well hidden by the purple and white thornbushes so the gackles couldn’t see them and gave up trying. “I think were safe now Jamey,but I’m hungry ” Phinny complained while trying a bite of the soft thorns on the bush, “mmm Jamey these are delicious ,try one”.Soon the boys were full and refreshed and ready to travel again./ Muse corner/Pride is the catalyst to a lifetime of regret./ Namaste LMI

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