Snow turtles and Gackles

Part 4/ A gentle mist like rain, warm, and soft, fell upon the sleeping shells of Phinny and Jamey, slowly waking them. “Untuck Jamey”, Phinney whispered,”what is this coming down”? Jamey wondered ,”I can’t imagine Jamey”, “its warm and tastes sweet Phinney , taste it”, Jamey insisted Phinney stuck out his tongue and inhaled,”my it is sweet, sweeter than ripe snow berries”, Phinney exclaimed. “Well we best get up and keep moving Jamey”. So the snow turtles pushed through the strange and mystical valley, experiencing and tasting new and wonderful things .Soon black and red birdlike creatures appeared large and circling above them cackling wildly, “Stop the snow turtles “, the gackles surprised and frightened Phinney and Jamey” TUCK” Phinney shouted. As they were tucking the Gackles swooped and snatched the beautiful snow turtles, and flew away with them,”drop them in the fields of stone”, they screeched excitedly. To be continued part 5 coming soon/ Muse corner / Illuminating moon, round as a ball and bright as a babies laugh. LMI Namaste

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