Papers please continued ;

Problems in paradise , CDA Idaho / My good friend whom I wrote about in your papers please, has been experiencing harassment by same local law enforcement first an instant uptake of squad cars ,then on 2/13/16 he was unlocking his front door when they shined [lit up] his keyhole. He turned to see to see 5 squad cars , and an officer (Nazi) fully armed with an AR15 strapped across his chest one hand on the butt, the other on the barrel, approaching him at a brisk walk , officer demanded “have you been walking we heard a gunshot”. My friend responded “I am non-violent , and I do not own a gun, I have no weapon “, officer continued to be very aggressive , in the meantime a female officer with a k-9 dog came into yard and canine officer took a crap in the yard .”Really my friend exclaimed , are you going to pick that up”? Then said” never mind” I will get it, I like dogs”, he went in to get paper towel and plastic  but when he came back poop was gone and cops had returned to their cars . / This was the extent of contact but harassment none the less, what I hope to do is continue to document the situation in case he needs an assist in the future this is a disturbing show of force by law enforcement , totally unwarranted , and I’m asking my readers to send him your good thoughts and prayers this could happen to any of us, lets all be as brave as my good friend. / Thank you and Namaste /

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