snow turtles/ the lullaby

PART 3/ “Gee Phinny it looks sooo far off” ,”Indeed Jamey we are having quite the adventure”. Together then slowly but surely onto the sweet path of life they stepped.”Look Jamey a water hole”, “That’s the biggest water hole ever Phinny”,”Shall we swim across Jamey”? he said bobbing his head excitedly, not waiting for the answer  phinny slid into the turquoise liquid , “ahhhh”. Jamey dove in belly first “We have to make it across by lunch Phinny “, “hmmm not so Phinney said spotting some lavender , watercress , they feasted happily, and floated to the edge . “Where now Phinney “? Jamey asked yawning, as the road unfolded before them , “Onward “. Soon they were ready for a nap and decided to settle on a stand of chartreuse colored trees. “They’re figgy aren’t they phinny ” Jamey exclaimed , “yes, yes, now tuck -in “, Phinney said sleepily. They tucked in and looked like beautiful stones resting under their swaying, shelter , softly the aether blew , and the trees played a gentle lullaby as the snow turtles slept. Part 4 coming soon………MUSE CORNER / Sometimes we miss people that never really existed. LMI NAMASTE

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