“Show me your papers”

Since I am personally a fan of those who strive to learn the truth and apply it I have a story I would like to share / Roundabout 5 nights ago a friend of mine in a lovely city in Idaho endeavored to enjoy an evening walk , a perfectly normal thing to do . He was enjoying his exercise until he was approached by 3 officers who inquired about identification and soon the all consuming have you been drinking. He ignored the request and said “Are you arresting me”? They said they were detaining him he told him he did not consent and demanded a supervisor , he asked them where was corpus delicti [1.the facts and circumstances constituting a breach of law ] they as officers of the [law] corporation should have been aware of the basic law you cannot bother someone who is not committing a crime. They were concerned he might have a background in law , he does not, what he does have is knowledge. By using the knowledge of his true natural humanity , he exercised his Creator given rights given to every man , woman , and child with no exceptions, to take a walk on the earth his home without interference . By golly he overcame showed no I.D. to the “Show me your paper Nazis”. I would like anyone reading this to take one moment in your heart to thank this man, and every other man & woman like him for resisting tyranny on behalf of all of us.  If you would like to begin seeking the truth  check out[ Admiralty law and common law intro ] by robinmfisher @ http://www.youtube.com/watchintro?v=CoHSW8c18e  This experience needs to become an oddity and not a common occurrence in America. I thank you my friend

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