snow turtles & silver fields

Slow and steady they began the ancient race to find their other halves , their twin flames. Snow turtles lived to be 1000 years, give or take, there was only one perfect mate and they would never be apart. There would be one for Phineas, and one for jameson,as the creator intended. Down through the blue mist they carefully made their way, down the pass to silver fields, and rainbow grasses. Snow turtles can travel far distances with no food but they were getting hungry now, “I can smell something good jameson said smelling the breeze”. Jameson followed his nose to tufts of rainbow grass,”Phinny he cried out, come taste this delicious grass, phinny came and greedily munched down the iridescent grass till it was poking out of his toothless mouth everywhere, “Mmm, delightful ” he agreed. With their tummies full they continued on at a turtles pace meandering through soft silver fields, inching ever closer to their destinies.”Which way shall we go now” , jameson wondered happily. Phineas noticed a mountain far off in the distance “there  , that is where we will find what were looking for jameson”. PART 3 coming soon……………..

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