Papers please continued ;

Problems in paradise , CDA Idaho / My good friend whom I wrote about in your papers please, has been experiencing harassment by same local law enforcement first an instant uptake of squad cars ,then on 2/13/16 he was unlocking his front door when they shined [lit up] his keyhole. He turned to see to see 5 squad cars , and an officer (Nazi) fully armed with an AR15 strapped across his chest one hand on the butt, the other on the barrel, approaching him at a brisk walk , officer demanded “have you been walking we heard a gunshot”. My friend responded “I am non-violent , and I do not own a gun, I have no weapon “, officer continued to be very aggressive , in the meantime a female officer with a k-9 dog came into yard and canine officer took a crap in the yard .”Really my friend exclaimed , are you going to pick that up”? Then said” never mind” I will get it, I like dogs”, he went in to get paper towel and plastic  but when he came back poop was gone and cops had returned to their cars . / This was the extent of contact but harassment none the less, what I hope to do is continue to document the situation in case he needs an assist in the future this is a disturbing show of force by law enforcement , totally unwarranted , and I’m asking my readers to send him your good thoughts and prayers this could happen to any of us, lets all be as brave as my good friend. / Thank you and Namaste /

Muse / corner / sometimes / what we think wasn’t what we needed / was

In a forlorn moment I thought my life a waste ,made my mistakes and the greatest of all was playing by the rule , just a game for a fool . People are always living to give advice , that smart folks never take . there is no wrong or right way , just the short or the long.       /   LMI       Fields of dragonflies , swam through my mind ,dancing all about me , a flash , a sugared moment in time , appearing at the pinnacles of dreams for me ,someone out there might know what I mean , all the days , all the miles ,they glow , like stars with flashing wings, and silvery bars , O heavens sweet aether  drips from their wings , as my spirit to her lover endeavors to sing.  /  LMI  namaste

Comfrey/Ginger/Peppermint /Poultice, for chickenpox

This poultice is to reduce the itching and scaring of chickenpox ,I found it extremely effective on my children, and look mom, no scars. / You will need some small, linen poultice bags, these can be found at most health food stores. Some peppermint leaf, comfrey leaf, and ginger powder. The amount is up to you as you will use more than one poultice, fill your bag with 50% comfrey,40%peppermint , and 10%ginger powder ,place in a 1 gallon of water and bring to a boil, shut off , seep for 20 minutes, and add to patients bath water. Voila it is cooling , healing, and reduces itching and scaring. Namaste

snow turtles/ the lullaby

PART 3/ “Gee Phinny it looks sooo far off” ,”Indeed Jamey we are having quite the adventure”. Together then slowly but surely onto the sweet path of life they stepped.”Look Jamey a water hole”, “That’s the biggest water hole ever Phinny”,”Shall we swim across Jamey”? he said bobbing his head excitedly, not waiting for the answer  phinny slid into the turquoise liquid , “ahhhh”. Jamey dove in belly first “We have to make it across by lunch Phinny “, “hmmm not so Phinney said spotting some lavender , watercress , they feasted happily, and floated to the edge . “Where now Phinney “? Jamey asked yawning, as the road unfolded before them , “Onward “. Soon they were ready for a nap and decided to settle on a stand of chartreuse colored trees. “They’re figgy aren’t they phinny ” Jamey exclaimed , “yes, yes, now tuck -in “, Phinney said sleepily. They tucked in and looked like beautiful stones resting under their swaying, shelter , softly the aether blew , and the trees played a gentle lullaby as the snow turtles slept. Part 4 coming soon………MUSE CORNER / Sometimes we miss people that never really existed. LMI NAMASTE

Radiation de-tox bath

With the advent of microwaves , computers , cell phones and devices , we are being radiated around the clock we have to wonder what the long term effect on our health will be. On many sites they suggest 1lb of sea salt, and 1lb of baking soda, I have been using 1/2 of a 1lb box , and 1/4 to 1/2 cup of sea salt , per half filled tub with success for years. Even if you have only baking soda, don’t sweat it just bathe . I soak about twenty minutes ,and apply extra baking soda to my wash cloth rubbing briskly over my face , neck ,belly and arms then rinse with bath water. I come out feeling fantastic. I hope this helps you and your loved ones the way it has mine . Namaste to you all / Muse corner /          Purified a sacred place the fortress where my heart did rest , In the winter of my love, a white hot ember pierced my chest, I felt your soul it slid right through me , riven by your traitorous hand , Is it true you never knew me ? Haunted now, my G-d you slew me , my tears fall like crimson blood.    LMI                                                                                For more reading and information on baking soda and sea salt, and radiation  Google  SEA SALT&BAKING SODA , BEST ALL NATURAL REMEDY FOR CURING…………….

“Show me your papers”

Since I am personally a fan of those who strive to learn the truth and apply it I have a story I would like to share / Roundabout 5 nights ago a friend of mine in a lovely city in Idaho endeavored to enjoy an evening walk , a perfectly normal thing to do . He was enjoying his exercise until he was approached by 3 officers who inquired about identification and soon the all consuming have you been drinking. He ignored the request and said “Are you arresting me”? They said they were detaining him he told him he did not consent and demanded a supervisor , he asked them where was corpus delicti [1.the facts and circumstances constituting a breach of law ] they as officers of the [law] corporation should have been aware of the basic law you cannot bother someone who is not committing a crime. They were concerned he might have a background in law , he does not, what he does have is knowledge. By using the knowledge of his true natural humanity , he exercised his Creator given rights given to every man , woman , and child with no exceptions, to take a walk on the earth his home without interference . By golly he overcame showed no I.D. to the “Show me your paper Nazis”. I would like anyone reading this to take one moment in your heart to thank this man, and every other man & woman like him for resisting tyranny on behalf of all of us.  If you would like to begin seeking the truth  check out[ Admiralty law and common law intro ] by robinmfisher @  This experience needs to become an oddity and not a common occurrence in America. I thank you my friend

Elderberry molasses syrup

This syrup is easy to make and has multiple health benefits that we are aware of / Elderberries prevent cellular damage,slows down aging, and might be a serious contender in a program against cancer . This littleberry is packed with anti-viral , anti-bacterial , and anti-inflammatory , properties making it useful against colds and flu’s. The nutrient powerhouse , unsulphured , blackstrap molasses ,[organic,non-gmo] should be taken with vitamin c or orange juice for best effect . Its been said to cure anemia , balance hormones , reduce period cramps , even regrow hair , in view of this and much more I will use it in this syrup recipe.       ELDERBERRY SYRUP       take sauce pan [never aluminum] add 3 cups distilled water/ 1 cup berries / 1 tsp cinnamon / bring to a boil then reduce to simmer for about 50 min or until liquid reduced by half . Strain / cool a bit /stir in 3/4 cup molasses. put in bottle keep in frig. use daily.        This is especially good during flu season. elderberry tincture is good for clearing chemtrail cough , I will offer that recipe soon.                                                        LMI                                                                   THE MUSE CORNER / A POETS HEART IS THE LAST VESTIGE OF TRUE INTIMACY / by Lisa m Irby

snow turtles & silver fields

Slow and steady they began the ancient race to find their other halves , their twin flames. Snow turtles lived to be 1000 years, give or take, there was only one perfect mate and they would never be apart. There would be one for Phineas, and one for jameson,as the creator intended. Down through the blue mist they carefully made their way, down the pass to silver fields, and rainbow grasses. Snow turtles can travel far distances with no food but they were getting hungry now, “I can smell something good jameson said smelling the breeze”. Jameson followed his nose to tufts of rainbow grass,”Phinny he cried out, come taste this delicious grass, phinny came and greedily munched down the iridescent grass till it was poking out of his toothless mouth everywhere, “Mmm, delightful ” he agreed. With their tummies full they continued on at a turtles pace meandering through soft silver fields, inching ever closer to their destinies.”Which way shall we go now” , jameson wondered happily. Phineas noticed a mountain far off in the distance “there  , that is where we will find what were looking for jameson”. PART 3 coming soon……………..